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AVAide Screen Recorder 1.0.10 (x64) Multilingual
AVAide Screen Recorder 1.0.10 (x64) Multilingual

[Image: 45b.jpg]

Capture the best moment with AVAide Screen Recorder. Screencast, customize, and share in seconds.

Depending on your use cases, a screen recorder can be a valuable addition to your program collection. If you're looking to record yourself playing games or browsing the internet, such a tool is most necessary, likewise for creating video tutorials or anything related to capturing your screen.
If you're looking for software up for the job, AVAide Screen Recorder seems to provide quite an enticing package for anyone wishing to try such a program. Besides the usual screen recording functions, the program is convenient to use thanks to the numerous tweaking options, which allow users to produce qualitative recordings.

Minimalistic, but not worse for it
The program is decidedly rather simplistic, which lets casual users fully utilize it without encountering issues. More experienced users won't necessarily be alienated either, thanks to the numerous options available, which allow for some quite thorough recording customization.
Users can choose to record a video feed, but they can also elect to only record their computer's audio. Additionally, recording one's gaming activity is also possible. Your webcam footage can also be introduced into the recording simultaneously. A Phone Recording function is also usable.

Quality-of-life options
Before recording, users can take a glance at the available options, and see if they're relevant for their use cases: a Task Schedule mode for automatic recording, a watermark adder, an Auto Stop function, as well as a cursor-tracking mode are accessible.
The scheduler can automatically start recording on your behalf, and being able to input a watermark in your videos is a welcome addition. The Auto Stop feature can stop a recording if it exceeds a certain length or file size, whilst the cursor tracking function zooms in on your cursor and focuses on throughout the recording.

What's more, custom recording presets can be created at once. You can specify a quality for the video and audio feeds, set the default frame rate, tweak the record area, microphone and system volume, and so on. While recording, users can also annotate and draw over their desktop via the app's interface.

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