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AnimaShooter Capture
AnimaShooter Capture

[Image: 85Z4H8X.jpg]

AnimaShooter Capture is a user-friendly stop-motion animation software with support for Canon DSLR cameras. Easy to learn, easy to use. AnimaShooter Capture supports any Canon digital reflex camera which is able to be remotely controlled from PC and has Live View feature. Remember to test your camera with AnimaShooter Capture (in trial mode) to ensure compatibility.
-DSLR camera
-USB HD Webcam / USB Webcam
-Switch between multiple cameras
-USB HD Webcam/ USB Webcam. Supported resolution: up to
-Camcorder/DV camcorder compatibility (with Firewire (IEEE 1394) connection)
-Auto capture (Time-lapse)
-Looping function: Loop single (Flip-flop)
-Image Review (to check images at full-resolution)
-Non-integer Frame Rates
-CRW, CR2 import
-Y Waveform, RGB Parade and Vectorscope
-Rule of thirds grid
-Dual monitors (separate window to view full resolution images)
-Ram-preview (preview animation as you film it instantly)
-Duplicate, Copy & Move one frame or group of frames
-Import images (JPG, PNG, WEBP)
-Import video
-Export HD video: WEBM, OGV, AVI, Uncompressed
-Export animated WEBP
-Export sequences (JPG, PNG, TIFF, WEBP, BMP)
-Overlay a frame counter: export video or sequences with timecode
-Control AnimaShooter via Keypad

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