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Bookshelf - Library 6.3.0 macOS
Bookshelf - Library 6.3.0 macOS

[Image: 694f36c12150acd06c6ca45b30e28726.png]
File size: 8 MB

Quote:File Shelf Pro is a file index management tool, it can help you manage your files better.
● Key Features
1. You can add any files here, including the folder.
2. You can create file category in order to manage them conveniently.
3. You can search for files in current category and all categories.
4. You can set image file to the desktop image.
5. You can ascending and descending order files.
6. You can add file labels, It's easier to find files.
7. You can move files from one category to another category.
8. Move files into the buffer in order to manage your files better, can also let your desktop become cleaner.
9. Support drag and drop to add files.
10. Create more categories.
● Important Note: The File Shelf Pro is equivalent to the file index. It does not back up the original file, so please do not delete the original file.
Top In-App Purchases : Full Version - included.
Supported Operation Systems
macOS 10.13 or later

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