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FinePrint 11.16 Multilingual
FinePrint 11.16 Multilingual

[Image: C59bXRQ.png]

FinePrint saves you money on paper and toner, weight in your briefcase, and time and hassle in managing your print jobs. With FinePrint working for you, annoying printing problems disappear. Below are just some examples of printing problems that FinePrint can fix. See also our Enterprise section for benefits of FinePrint in the Enterprise.

Key Features:
- Universal print previewer
- Delete unwanted pages
- Convert to grayscale
- Lighten content to save ink
- Remove blank pages
- Crop pages
- Edit text
- Sign and mark up print jobs
- Remove unwanted text and images
- Print multiple pages on a single sheet
- Print electronic letterhead
- Archive print jobs

Quote:Version 11.16 ? May 15, 2022
Fixed bugs that caused missing or incorrect text output when opening PDF files
Fixed a crash when opening PDF files that contain CMYK bitmaps using JPEG2000 compression
The desktop icon is no longer recreated after being deleted

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Download FinePrint 11.16 Multilingual + Key | 13.77 MB

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