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Magic Disk Cleaner 1.1.3 MAS
Magic Disk Cleaner 1.1.3 MAS

[Image: 2b3caf827e02b29ee04d27f74af972cf.png]
File size: 3.27 MB

Quote:Magic Disk Cleaner finds and deletes files temporary files that waste lots of space. The app is lightning fast and frees disk space in no time.
Magic Disk Cleaner searches your computer for temporary files and can also delete them directly if you wish.
Magic Disk Cleaner offers the following features:
Fast Search
Magic Disk Cleaner quickly scans your computer for temporary data that can be removed. You can have them deleted with one click.
Extremely easy handling
Magic Disk Cleaner couldn't be simpler. The search is started immediately after the app is started. You can now delete files with just one click.
No automatic deletion
Magic Disk Cleaner does not delete any data without your consent. Choose for yourself which data is deleted and which you want to keep.
Supported Operation System
• macOS 11.5 or later
• Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor

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