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Navicat Charts Creator Premium 1.0.8
Navicat Charts Creator Premium 1.0.8

[Image: 45o.jpg]

Navicat Charts Creator turns your data into effective visualizations to have clear insights in data through charts and graphs.

Turn data into actionable insights with ease.
Transform your data into effective visualizations to identify trends, patterns and outliers. Simplify data analysis and share your workspaces to colleagues to better support your business decisions and strategies.

Data Source
Specify the data source that the chart uses.

Chart Design
Build your chart.

Present your charts in dashboard.

Build a collaborative team environment.

Pre-built data connectors.
Navicat Charts Creator allows you to swiftly and securely connect to any data source of your choice.

Relational DB
Connect to a number of different databases: MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite and SQL Server.

Import data from any ODBC data sources including Sybase, Snowflake and DB2.

File Types
Import data from external files such as Excel, Access, CSV, from data stored on your computer, network, or a URL.

Linked File
Link your chart to data in data sources to update the chart according to changes in the underlying data.

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