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Telerik Collection for .NET 2022 R1 SP1 Retail
Telerik Collection for .NET 2022 R1 SP1 Retail

[Image: 23v.png]

The demand for better user experiences continues to grow, while the time you have to develop a high quality, modern and engaging application continues to shrink. Stop sweating over UI and focus on the parts of the application where you can truly make a difference. By using the modern, feature-rich and professionally designed UI components from Telerik and Kendo UI, you will be armed with everything you need to deliver outstanding web, mobile and desktop experiences in less time.

With the backing of our legendary technical support, provided directly by the developers who build the products, you can be confident that you have the best partner to rely on in your journey.

Like you, we are developers. Our purpose in life is to make developers superheroes by enabling you to deliver more than expected, faster than expected. For nearly two decades, we have been partnering with our community of over three million developers to help cut down on development time, increase productivity, and make it easy to embrace the latest technologies and user experience trends.

JustMock 2022.1.223.1
Kendo UI for jQuery 2022.1.301
UI for ASP.NET Core 2022.1.301
UI for ASP.NET Core 2022.1.119 pkg
UI for ASP.NET MVC 2022.1.301
UI for Blazor 3.1.0
UI for Blazor 3.0.0 pkg
UI for JSP 2022.1.301
UI for PHP 2022.1.301
Report Server
UI for ASP.NET AJAX 2022.1.302
UI for Silverlight 2022.1.222
UI for UWP 2022.1.0111.1
UI for WinForms 2022.1.222
UI for WinUI 1.1.0
UI for WPF 2022.1.222
UI for Xamarin 2022.1.222.1
UI for Xamarin 2022.1.117.1 pkg
Web Parts for SharePoint_2010 2022.1.302
Web Parts for SharePoint_2013 2022.1.302
Telerik TestStudio Ultimate 2022.1.215
v2019 R2 SP1
Test Studio 2019.2.619.0
Progress Sitefinity CMS 12.0

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